OltreConfini was created as a contemporary clinical space. Years of experience taught us that it is not possible to treat the part separately from the whole. Every person is made of body, mind, story, feelings and culture. Life, with its obstacles, traumas and suffering creates blocks in the body, in the mind and in our relationships. To overcome them, one must activate the pool of personal and cultural resources that are unique in each of us. This is possible only when living fully in the present, to find the necessary balance to face the future. At OltreConfini, we help our patients give voice to what the mind experiences and the body expresses. Therapy, like life, is a path of growth and change, a journey of tears and laughter to be experienced one step at a time. This is the journey we take with each one of our patients, striving to go beyond barriers. This is why we chose to call ourselves OltreConfini.

At OltreConfini we give voice to what the mind experiences and the body expresses

Dr. Marzia Negri

Marzia Negri

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist licensed in Italy. My clinical orientation is systemic relational and I work with teenagers and adults in individual, couple and family therapy.

I graduated from the University of Padua and specialized in relational systemic psychotherapy at the Milan Family Therapy Center. Over the years I have collaborated with various hospitals and care facilities including the Salvatore Maugeri Foundation in Pavia and the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan. Since 2006 I am the coordinating psychologist in a private / accredited structure of the Maddalena Grassi Foundation, where I focus on the treatment of psychiatric and degenerative physical conditions. Alongside my work in the health sector, I always kept a private practice.

Over time, and with experience, I realized that psychological well-being cannot disregard the connection between mind and body. It is important to heighten our ability to listen to the signals that our body sends via the sensations that it makes us feel. This leads us, each in their own time, to get in touch with our emotions and find greater awareness, knowledge and acceptance of ourselves.

In my work, I offer support, but also voice and dignity, to pain and psychological suffering. The symptom, whatever it may be and of whatever intensity, is the sign of an imbalance within the systems where the individual lives and establishes meaningful relationships. This generates tensions and distress within the individual and in the context in which he lives.

Therapy generates new points of view and energy to read over one’s past and, when necessary, to rewrite it.  Doing so, allows us to look at the present from a new angle, acquiring a broader outlook onto the future to face life from a more adaptive and creative perspective.




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Dr. Silvia Fiammenghi

Silvia Fiammenghi

I am clinical psychologist licensed both in Italy and in New York State.  I am also a yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT- 200). I work in English, Italian and Spanish with adults, couples, and groups. My areas of expertise are trauma work, severe mental illness, college mental health, and issues related international mobility and study abroad.  After graduating from the University of Pavia, Italy in a Master’s in psychology, I went on to earn my Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD) from Long Island University Post in NY. Over the years I worked in a broad range of settings, across various clinical populations. After working in the field of behavioral medicine in Italy, I focused in serving the severely mentally ill in New York City. Since 2013 as the campus psychologist at New York University in Florence and in my private practice, mostly geared towards expats, I have developed an expertise in working with intercultural issues, such as global relocation, study abroad, and third-culture-family dynamics.

My integrative approach to treatment is routed in relational and interpersonal psychodynamic theory, although I also draw from other approaches to meet my clients’ specific needs. Combining my clinical skills with my knowledge of yoga principles, I guide my patients as they work towards finding their balance between mind, body and culture. I see therapy as a powerful two-person process of discovery and acceptance. In therapy we laugh, we cry, we understand and we grow. Reading over the past, we stay rooted in the present and look forward to the future. 

RYT 200



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